Our Core Values

BBi Financial Planning is committed to professionalism. To us, this means we want to do the best things by our clients.

We have demonstrated this over the years by our fierce commitment to independence (because our only concern is our client) and to our status as a Chartered firm (which was one of our first actions when BBi Financial Planning was established as an independent firm within the BBi Group).

As part of this commitment, we have today published our Core Values.

But what does this mean? What’s changed in how we do things? What can our client’s expect from us that they didn’t get before?

Absolutely nothing.

Nothing has changed. These core values are not new, they have been embedded into our organisation for years. The difference is that until today we didn’t write them down. They were implicit, not explicit.

So what does this mean for you?

Again, possibly nothing. Hopefully you won’t see any difference. We will continue to provide the same service we always have, with the same expertise and to the same standards.

But the real value in making these values public, in writing them down and putting them out there, is that we have planted our flag firmly upon this hill. These values set out the type of organisation we think we are, and it is who we want to be.

Making them public makes us accountable – something few financial planning firms have done.

So if you’re a client of ours and you think we have not upheld these values, let us know. All of us here want to do better, to be better and deliver better outcomes for our clients.

If you’re not a client (yet), give us a call, put us to the test, and see if we really are as good as we want to be.

Call us on 020 8559 2111, or email us at enquiries@bbifp.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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