Auto Enrolment for Employees


In 2012 new rules came into effect which require every employer in the UK to set up a pension scheme and automatically enrol their staff into it. The government has insisted on a minimum level of contributions that must be paid into these new workplace pensions.

Your employer will have to contribute some of this minimum contribution, and employees will have to make up the rest.

We have provided some information to help you understand these new rules and how they affect you. You should read these carefully, and ask your employer or HR department if you have any questions about your specific scheme.

It’s important to save money for the future, and a pension is basically a moneybox wrapped up in some special tax rules.

You might now have been interested in pensions before, but auto enrolment represents a great opportunity to get to grips with your retirement savings and take control of your future income.

How it works

Auto enrolment pension schemes work a little differently to other group pension arrangements you migh tbe familiar with, but really there is nothing complicated about them. It’s just that the process and some of the terminology might be unfamiliar.

You can find our more about the steps involved and how this will affect you by using the menu above. These are a guide to the auto enrolment process. If you are already a member of a pension scheme you should refer to your own company’s HR department for details of your own scheme as these can vary from firm to firm.