We have worked to keep our charges as simple as possible. How you pay for our services is up to you but you can be sure that all costs will be clearly presented to you in advance so there are no surprises. We do not offer credit.

Fees for research, recommendation and implementation

For most work we do, such as investments and pensions, we typically charge a fee of 3% to cover our research, advice and implementation, and this can be deducted from your product if one is arranged. You also have the option to pay your fees directly.

Fees for ongoing service

We charge an ongoing service fee of 0.5% or 0.75%. This fee is usually paid monthly and deducted from your plan.

The servicing fee covers the cost of all the day to day administration of your plan and any ongoing reviews. The 0.75% fee also includes the cost of an annual meeting with your adviser.

Our servicing fee also includes the cost of any trades placed on your behalf.


Some products may pay a commission. Typically these are older style plans or protection products such as life insurance or medical insurance.

In all cases we will fully disclose fees or commission before charging you, and we always offset commission against our fees so you won’t pay twice.