Protecting yourself and your liabilities should be at the heart of your financial planning.

Life insurance is a good start, but what if you have an accident and are unable to work? Or if you are diagnosed with cancer?

Simple life insurance is a very cheap way to ensure that your family are protected in the event of your death, but we can protect you against so much more.

You have a one in three chance of being suffering a serious illness such as a heart attack, cancer or a stroke. Although the survival rates for these conditions have never been higher, and the quality of care and the treatment available improves every year, the impact on your life and your family can be significant.

If the worst happens as a result of an illness such as this then life insurance is there as a last resort, but you have to think about what happens if you survive.

We can also advise you and arrange cover to replace income in the event of a serious accident, or a plan to pay for private medical treatment.

The perfect solution may be to buy everything you need but if we are realistic few people can afford to be perfectly protected.

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