Medical Insurance

Medical insurance, (sometimes known as health insurance or private medical insurance), is a product designed to allow you afford the benefits of private medical treatment without the costs. BBi Financial Planning can advise you on suitable cover for your needs and budget.

Why use BBi Financial Planning for Medical Insurance

Independent Advisers

We are proud of our independence. It means no-one tells us what to do but you. You can trust us to put your needs and goals first.

Chartered Professionals

We are a chartered firm and two of our advisers hold chartered status. This puts us in the small elite number of firms in the UK, and means we uphold the highest standards.

Bespoke cover

Our advisers will take the time to understand exactly what you need protected and why, and advise you on the most suitable options for your budget.

What type of medical insurance is right for you?

High or low excess?

Increasing your excess means your premiums will be lower, but you wil have to contribute more each time you need treatment. We can help you find the right balance for you.

'Six-week' option?

Some providers only allow you to claim if the NHS can’t treat you within six-weeks, meaning you can get the benefit of private cover only when the NHS is too busy, which keeps your costs down.

Basic cover only?

Basic policies cover the essential treatment you would expect, but additional consultations or diagnostic tests may not be included. These can be cost-effective if you don’t want to compromise on vital cover.

Why use BBi Financial Planning?


Our advisers have obtained the highest level of qualification in UK financial services.


With decades of experience between them our advisers have seen it all.


We use the best tools available to make sure our research is as good as it gets.


We invest heavily in expert compliance support to ensure our staff and processes are always under scrutiny.


We rely on mainstream investment products and investments. We believe proven, reliable solutions are best. We don’t want you getting a surprise tax bill.


Your life is unique to you. You deserve a financial plan to match. Our advice is always bespoke and delivers the things that you need most.

Our advice is always bespoke and in writing

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