Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement is now more important than ever.

Before your retirement (the accumulation phase of your plan) you need to make sure you are saving enough money in the most tax-efficient way you can, and recent changes in legislation mean that you now have a variety of  options available to provide income (the decumulation phase).

We can help you find a suitable pension plan to help you build up your retirement fund, and guide you through the proliferation of options available when the time comes to draw upon your savings.

You may already have one more more pensions in place from former employers. It may be worth looking at these to see if you can gain any benefits from transferring or consolidating them. We will review your plans thoroughly before giving you our opinion.

Our advice to you will incorporate the same research process we use for our investment advice. After all, a pension is simply a long-term investment wrapped up in its own special rules.

To see how we can help you make the most of your retirement planning contact us by calling 020 8559 2111, emailing us at, or using our contact form.

Enhanced annuity rates

You might qualify for enhanced annuity rates if you can answer yes to any of the questions below.